DARKER THAN Dark Arts - Colombia • Washed

DARKER THAN Dark Arts - Colombia • Washed

Stone Tower Coffee Roasters
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We Taste: Dark Chocolate, Red Fruit, Toffee, Full Body


Origin: Colombia

Process: Washed

Importer: Primavera 


In specialty coffee Dark Roasts are often misunderstood or overlooked in favor of lighter profiles that highlight nuanced flavors. However, we believe that venturing into the realm of dark roasting with specific green coffees opens up a world of possibilities for flavor exploration.

While some may view dark roasts as sacrificing complexity for bitterness, we see them as an opportunity to unlock new dimensions of flavor. By pushing the boundaries of roasting, we've discovered that the journey into the second crack infuses the beans with rich, smoky, and chocolatey undertones while preserving the essence of the coffee's origin and character.

For the classic coffee drinker who appreciates a bold and robust cup, this represents an exciting twist on that tradition. It's about bridging the gap between familiarity and specialty, offering a coffee experience that's both comforting and invigorating.

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