Colombia • Carbonic Maceration Geisha

Colombia • Carbonic Maceration Geisha

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We Taste: Orange, Pineapple, Thai Tea, White Grape Juice, Incredible Complexity


Region: Pijao, Quindío

Producer: Jairo & César López

Process: Carbonic Maceration

Variety: Geisha

Importer: Anthem


Embark on a journey with La Estrella, an 80-year legacy of love by the López family. In 2005, four brothers divided the land, weaving tradition into the essence of Castillo, Geisha, and Java varieties, alongside regal Avocado and humble Plantain.

Within airtight barrels, cherries metamorphose into a mosaic of flavors, carefully monitored for smooth and balanced perfection. Fermentation, a tender ballet, pauses in a pristine water soak.

Carbonic Maceration is a unique and controlled fermentation process that is used at La Estrella to enhance the flavor of this coffee. The freshly picked cherries are placed in airtight barrels, they undergo fermentation without oxygen. This absence of oxygen triggers a breakdown of compounds in the cherries, creating a distinctive flavor profile. The farmers carefully monitor factors like oxygen levels, sugar content, and pH to ensure a perfect balance, resulting in a coffee that is exceptionally smooth and rich in nuanced flavors. This process is like a special alchemy that transforms this coffee into a symphony of taste, offering you a truly unique and extraordinary cup guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve tasted before.

We had fun with the label on this one. Inspired by the avant-garde spirit of our favorite metal bands, our label design captures the essence of rebellion and creativity. Picture the rebellious energy, the same that infuses our carbonic maceration process, reflected in the bold strokes and dynamic imagery that this label possesses. From end to end, this coffee is truly a unique masterpiece that we are so excited to release to the public. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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