Chocolate Earth - Burundi • Washed

Chocolate Earth - Burundi • Washed

Stone Tower Coffee Roasters
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We Taste: Black Cherry Cola, Dates, Wildflower Honey


Origin: Burundi

Roast Level: Medium

Process: Washed

Importer: Bonaventure


We're excited to introduce our latest coffee set to release, Chocolate Earth! This single origin comes from Bumba Lot #9 in Burundi, a country facing all sorts of challenges but producing exceptional coffee thanks to the Long Miles Coffee Project.

Bonaventure and Long Miles recently set up a new washing station on Ninga Hill, benefiting local farmers and allowing us to bring you this distinct African coffee. Bumba Hill offers a rich, chocolatey flavor alongside fruity berry flavors reminiscent of dark cherry cola, putting value to the name and meaning behind Chocolate Earth.

We're proud to be among dedicated partners of the Bonaventure Project bringing these unique African coffees to our local community and all across North America!

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