Chasing Nostalgia - El Salvador • Natural

Chasing Nostalgia - El Salvador • Natural

Stone Tower Coffee Roasters
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We Taste:  90's Strawberry Kiwi Trangle Juice Bar


Origin: El Salvador

Roast Level: Reasonably Light

Process: Natural

Importer: Ally

This coffee is a thrilling journey to the past, reminiscent of a 90's Minute Maid triangle juice bar. We've taken the vibrant and fun aesthetics of the 90's and infused them into the label to match the carefree spirit of that era.

Coffee Varietal:

We've chosen the unique and vibrant Pacamara varietal to transport your taste buds on a trip down memory lane. This varietal combines the bold, adventurous character of Maragogipe with the zesty spirit of Pacas.

Processing Method:

Just like the good old days, "Chasing Nostalgia" is crafted with the natural processing method. The cherries bask in the sun, preserving the flavors of the fruit, creating a coffee that's bursting with sweetness and nostalgia.

The Vibe:

  • Fruit Explosion: A burst of tropical fruit flavors like peach, berries, and citrus, as if you're sipping on a fruit juice box.
  • Floral Whispers: Hints of jasmine and a garden in full bloom, taking you back to those sunny, carefree afternoons.
  • Velvety Adventure: The smooth, full body is like a thrilling ride at the local amusement park.
  • Balanced Zest: An acidity that's just right, adding a splash of fun to the party.
  • Sweet Memories: The lingering sweet finish brings back all those sweet '90s moments.

Label Design:

The label of "Chasing Nostalgia" is a tribute to the 90's Minute Maid triangle juice bars that many of us enjoyed during those vibrant years. You'll find the playful and colorful aesthetics, taking you on a retro roller-coaster ride as you savor every drop of this incredible coffee.


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