Volcan Azul - Typica/Geisha Anaerobic Red Honey

Volcan Azul - Typica/Geisha Anaerobic Red Honey

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We Taste: Gummy Bears, Berry Medley, Grapefruit

Origin: Costa Rica

Producer: Alejo Castro

Farm: Volcan Azul

Process: Anaerobic Red Honey


Alejo continues to be a bright light in the coffee producing world as he combines youth, innovation, sustainability and exceptional quality; he is just the type of producer that gives hope to the future of the specialty coffee industry and continues to rack up Cup of Excellence awards all the while. 

This is our second year working with Alejo and this particular coffee is the best we have tasted from his farm so far. It combines a unique and loud flavor profile with exceptionally high quality sweetness, acidity, body. If you are someone that wants to chase the extremes in flavor and quality that coffee can achieve, look no further. 


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