Pajamas - Holiday Blend

Pajamas - Holiday Blend

Stone Tower Joe
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We Taste: Oranges and Peaches & Cream

Component 1: Costa Rica - Volcan Azul Caturra (Natural)

Component 2: Ethiopia - Demeka Becha Washing Station (Washed)



We don't always wear pajamas.. But when we do, it's probably around the holiday season, watching classics and huddled together with family (optionally but ideally with popcorn and a fire going). We wanted to curate a blend that would become integrated into the most cherished of our holiday traditions. 

To do that we took two distinct, mind-blowing coffees in their own right and combined them to create something truly unique. The ripe fruits and heavy bodied natural processed Caturra combine with the delicately floral washed Demeka Becha to create a soft and sweet blend that reminds us of orange slices and peaches & cream. Its a blend that, like the holidays themselves, transform the cold weather into something to look forward to. 


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