Modor Shantawene - Ethiopia

Modor Shantawene - Ethiopia

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We Taste: Lavender, Strawberry, Peach


Origin: Ethiopia, Modor Village - Sidama Region

Process: Washed 

Elevation: 1950-2150MASL

Varietals: 74110, 74158, Setami, Mekicho

Importer: Catalyst Trade



In Ethiopia, coffee trees spring up naturally around peoples homes, so inviting is the environment for coffee in its birthplace. Undoubtedly this contributes to the truly unique and awe-inspiring flavors that can be experienced from Ethiopian coffees. For many seasoned coffee consumers, there is a romantic idea that the flavors of this origin fit coffee like lock and key, as if this is how coffee truly should taste. This washed coffee from Modor village is exactly the type of coffee from Ethiopia that can stir up these notions. 

Most of the coffees from Modor village come from farms between 0.5-2 Hectares whose occupants are often referred to as "garden farmers" since the coffee grows naturally among other plants rather than being intentionally planted. Coffees destined for the washed process at the Shantawene station are pulped and then density sorted. The most dense are grade 1 coffees that are used for producing beautiful coffees like this. 

This coffee was brought to us with through the passionate dedication that Catalyst Trade has in sourcing coffee from smallholder Ethiopian coffee farmers responsibly. We are extremely proud to continue to work with such importers. 


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