Country Roads Caturra - Costa Rica

Country Roads Caturra - Costa Rica

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We Taste: Tropical Fruit, Peach Syrup, & Blueberry Kombucha

Origin: Costa Rica

Process: Natural 

Varietal: Caturra

Importer: Volcán Azul


This natural-processed Caturra varietal is grown on the slopes of the Volcán Azul, a towering active volcano that lends its mineral-rich soil to the coffee plants. The natural processing method means that the beans are sun-dried with the cherry still intact, resulting in a coffee that is bursting with flavors of juicy berries, peach syrup, and tropical fruit!

What sets "Country Roads Caturra" apart is its unique terroir - the combination of the high altitude, volcanic soil, and a consistent rainy season creates the ideal growing conditions for this exceptional coffee. Volcán Azul is known for its exceptional cupping scores. The farm has won numerous awards for their coffee, including the prestigious Cup of Excellence.

But it's not just about the taste and quality, and accolades of the coffee - the story behind it is just as important. Volcán Azul is committed to sustainable and ethical practices, from conserving the rainforest to providing fair wages to their workers. By choosing "Country Roads Caturra", you're not only enjoying a delicious cup of coffee you’ve come to expect from us, but you’re also supporting a farm that cares about the environment and its community.

So take a sip of the Costa Rican countryside and experience the rich flavors that this amazing coffee has to offer! ☕🌄🌿 

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