El Salvador • Black Honey

El Salvador • Black Honey

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We Taste: Caramel Hard Candies, Oroblanco Grapefruit 

Origin: El Salvador

Farm: Los Pirineos

Producer: Diego Baraona

Roast Level: Generously Medium

Process: Black Honey


Nestled in El Salvador's Usulután department, Los Pirineos farm is a family legacy, led by Diego Baraona. Situated 1400 meters above sea level on a volcanic slope, its microclimate yields exceptional coffee.

With around 20 coffee varieties, including Pacamara and Bourbon as staples, Los Pirineos is a hub of experimentation, boasting a coffee variety garden with 70 different varieties.

Diego's commitment extends beyond quality; he prioritizes environmental and social responsibility. Rainwater sustains operations, while bees contribute to both honey production and ecosystem health. Around 60 employees ensure year-round work, promoting sustainability.

Shade-grown under trees planted by Diego's father, Los Pirineos coffee thrives in ideal conditions.

This batch of Bourbon coffee undergoes Black Honey processing, where ripe cherries are pulped and dried on shaded raised beds for approximately 25 days, resulting in exceptional quality.

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