El Anonal - Guatemala

El Anonal - Guatemala

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We Taste: Dragon Fruit, Honeydew, Cherry Jolly Rancher


Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Finca Anonal

Producer: Orlando Antulio + Martinez Samayoa 

Process: Washed, sundried on patio

Elevation: 1500-2080 MASL

Importer: Primavera



This is our third year working with Primavera Importers who have helped us in connecting with exceptional coffees from Guatemala. Started and operated by Nadine Rasch, who has a coffee farm and coffee mill in Guatemala, they have deep roots in the country and are committed to reinvesting in the lives of the producers they work with. 

This is our second year contracting Finca Anonal, a beautiful washed coffee that highlights the uniqueness that has made coffees from Huehuetenango so prized over the years. After the coffee is de-pulped, it undergoes a wet fermentation process for 36 hours. The coffee is then fully washed and allowed to soak for an additional 12 hours in clean water. It is then moved to the patio to dry for 5-6 hours per day for 6 days at which point is ready to head to the dry mill and then be exported. 

The carful dedication to growing and processing is evident in this clean and sweet coffee with a fantastic and exciting flavor profile. 

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