Koin Kollection

Koin Kollection

Stone Tower Coffee Roasters
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We Taste: Brown Sugar, Honeydew, Apricot

Origin & Process: Costa Rica (Termico) + Ethiopia (Washed)


This is perhaps the BEST blend we’ve ever created and we’re thrilled to have created it with the help of our friends at Koin! Our second iteration of a collaboration between Stone Tower & Koin, this one is intensely sweet, unique, and complex.

We tried many combinations of coffees and settled on a 50/50 blend of a washed Ethiopian coffee (Stone Tower’s contribution) and a termico process Costa Rican (Koin’s contribution). Each roaster brought their own style of roasting, drawing on years of experience to bring out what they thought the best version of the coffee could be and both work beautifully together.

The aptly named Koin Kollection will be quite limited. We’ll sell until sold out then do an undetermined number of roasts so be sure to nab a bag quickly!

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