Kamweti AA - Kenya (Washed)

Kamweti AA - Kenya (Washed)

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We Taste: Blue Jolly Rancher, Mango, Tropical Fruit


Origin: Kenya, Kamweti region of Nyeri County

Process: Washed

Importer: Bonaventure


Kamweti AA coffee is produced in the Kamweti region of Nyeri County in Kenya. It is known for its exceptional quality, unique flavor profile, and high grading. The "AA" designation refers to the bean size, with AA being the largest size category.

Kenyan coffee, in general, is highly regarded in the coffee industry due to the country's ideal coffee-growing conditions, including high altitudes, volcanic soil, and a favorable climate. The Kamweti region, specifically, is known for producing high-quality coffee with distinct flavor characteristics.

Kamweti AA coffee typically exhibits a smooth but bright acidity, full body, and a complex flavor profile. It often features vibrant citrus notes, fruity flavors such as blackberry or red currant, and sometimes floral or wine-like undertones. The coffee cherries are carefully hand-picked at peak ripeness and undergo meticulous processing, which contributes to its exceptional quality.

Due to its limited production and high demand, Kamweti AA coffee is often sought after by coffee connoisseurs and specialty coffee enthusiasts alike.

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