GNARLY TERRAIN - Honduras • Natural

GNARLY TERRAIN - Honduras • Natural

Stone Tower Coffee Roasters
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We Taste: Sour Patch Kids, Honeydew, & Kiwi


Origin: Honduras

Farmer: Jose Santos Gonzales

Roast Level: Light

Process: Natural

Importer: Benjamin Paz, Bonaventure, San Vicente


Ethan Flanigan x Stone Tower 

After an immersive day of coffee cupping, Ethan personally picked this exceptional coffee that stood out above the rest: the Jose Santos Gonzales Honduras Natural. After months of waiting for this one to come to life, we’re thrilled to announce that "Gnarly Terrain" is finally here! This single-origin coffee marks the beginning of our Honduran Series, featuring the remarkable work of farmer Jose Santos Gonzales and our ongoing partnership with Benjamin Paz & Bonaventure. 

Fun Fact: This collaboration is particularly special because Ethan is our ONLY dedicated ongoing sponsorship through the company. He’s a long-time regular, fellow black coffee lover, and a rider for Rocky Mountain Bikes.


Jose Santos Gonzales's journey into coffee farming is both inspiring and transformative. Starting his career in a clothing factory, Jose was driven by cherished memories of his grandfather’s coffee farm. Motivated by this legacy, he made the bold decision to leave his job and embrace the world of coffee.

Eight years ago, Jose purchased his current property and began cultivating coffee. Initially, he faced challenges, selling his beans as conventional coffee and struggling with profitability. At a crossroads, a friend's introduction to the specialty coffee industry changed everything. Through the support of the San Vicente mill, Jose learned to prepare micro-lots of coffee, and three years ago, he produced his first specialty micro-lot. This pivotal moment turned his fortunes around.

"Gnarly Terrain" is a testament to passion and perseverance. It’s a direct farmer collaboration, reflecting the kinds of partnerships we aspire to as our roastery grows. Enjoy this special brew and share in the journey from farm to cup! Available now on our website at [] and all Stone Tower locations.

Label was designed & hand drawn by our very own, Courtney "Q" Page, VP of Store Operations.

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