Condor's Nest (Cold Brew)

Condor's Nest (Cold Brew)

Stone Tower Coffee Roasters
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We Taste:  Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Orange Zest


Origin: Cundinamarca, Colombia

Town: Venecia, Vergara, and

Process: Washed, sundried in
solar dryers

Roast Level: Medium

Importer: Primavera 

With a rich history of nurturing the coffee industry and a relentless spirit of innovation, Colombia has captivated coffee lovers with its diverse range of new coffee varieties and groundbreaking processing techniques, alongside beloved lots that have won the hearts of what we could consider the “classic coffee drinkers.”

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes between the departments of Cundinamarca (aka Condor’s Nest) and Tolima, the magnificent Sumapaz River meanders through mountains and plateaus, creating an idyllic haven for thousands of small coffee producers. It is here, in this picturesque setting, that the members of the esteemed Cooperativa Departamental Cafetera de Cundinamarca live and cultivate their exceptional coffee beans. These dedicated producers meticulously harvest their coffee during two distinct periods: from May to July and again in December and January.

Indulge in the deep chocolaty flavors and aromas of our newest washed Colombian cold brew, meticulously crafted by passionate coffee growers whose traditions and innovations have made Colombia synonymous with exceptional coffee. Experience the essence of Colombian coffee culture and savor a cup that embodies the spirit of a nation known for its coffee excellence.

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